Tomato Steamboat Paste 蕃茄火锅酱 375g(Mama Vege)Halal


Serving Per Pack: 2-3 Persons

Cooking Instruction: Pour in steamboat paste & mix with 1000ml of water. Then, stir well & boil for 10 minutes

Ingredient Used: Tomato, Tomato Sauce, Sour Plum Sauce, Ginger, Lemongrass, Cooking Oil, Sugar And Permitted Vegetable Flavourings

100% plant-based

The product is 100% plant-based, no meat is added in the product, which is very suitable for vegetarians and also received positive feedback from non-vegetarians.

No added preservatives and chemicals

Used natural ingredients to extend the product shelf-life period, without adding any preservatives and chemicals, therefore customers can eat with peace of mind and have a healthier life.

Simple & Convenient

Just pour in steamboat paste & mix with 1000ml of water, stir well & boil for 10 minutes. Mix it with the ingredients that you love. Don’t need to worry about going out to buy steamboat paste anymore. You can now cook at home, and have a warm gathering with friends and family in an easy and convenient way.



Tomato Steamboat Paste 蕃茄火锅酱 375g (Mama Vege)

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Weight 375 g