Self-Heating Tom Yam Steamboat 自热懒人东炎面 480g(Mama Vege) Halal

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Product content: Noodles, Heating Pack, Ingredient, Tomyam Sauce, Spoon & Fork
Product ingredient: Vegetarian Lamb, Vegetarian Meatball, Sweet Corn & Potato Slices
Ingredient used: Tomato, Sour Plum Sauce, Lemongrass, Cooking Oil, Water, Chilies, Tomyam Paste, Galangal, Hot Chilies, Sugar, Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Vietnamese Coriander, Permitted Flavoring
Additional ingredients: Instant Noodle, Vegetarian Mutton, Potato, Vegetarian Bakso and Com

Product Specifications
100% plant-based
The product is 100% plant-based add on with the selection of high-quality ingredients, no meat is added in the product, which is very suitable for vegetarians and also received positive feedback from non-vegetarians people.

Noodles made by featured wheat
Strictly select high-quality wheat with long growth time and sufficient sunshine. The granules are full and contain a higher nutritional value! The noodles adopt micro-steaming technology and hot-air drying technology to fully retain nutrition and wheat aroma. The noodles are non-fried in order to retain the strong taste.

Innovative design steamboat box
The high-quality steamboat box that can be heated by multiple air passages, quickly heating up, and evenly heated, with vent holes reserved to prevent heating bursts.

Thickening design
use product grade PP5 which can withstand high temperature to 120℃ (Safe to Use)

Easy to open
contain rough grain design, easy to open and eat

Exhaust design
effectively prevent steam scald

It only takes 5 minutes to cook a bowl of tasty curry ramen noodles. Feel free to eat it anytime, anywhere you like, at the same time, it is very easy to digest. A self-heating steamboat saves time and effort for a more nutritious life.


❤️熬夜加班,自煮火锅,新鲜可口 营养健康
❤️ 长途漫漫,自煮火锅,方便快捷,省时省力


☑️ 只需常温水/冷水
☑️ 純素

❌不需热水,随时随地都有火锅吃 ❗


产品名称: MAMAVEGE 自热素食东炎懒人火锅
产品重量: 480克/包
产品份量: 1人份/包
保存方式: 存放于阴凉,干燥处避免陽光暴曬
产品保存期: 12个月
产品辣度: 2/5 辣度
产品包装: 包括面,发热包,食材,东炎酱料,汤匙和叉
产品食材: 植物羊肉,植物肉丸,新鲜玉米, 马铃薯片
成分: 番茄,酸梅酱,香茅,食油,水,辣椒,东炎酱,高良姜,小辣椒,糖,姜,青柠叶,越南芫茜,食品許可调味素

The product specifications are
100% plant-based. The
product is 100% plant-based, without any meat added in the product. The selection of high-quality ingredients is very suitable for vegetarians, and it is also loved by non-vegetarians. The

selection of wheat flour is
strictly refined. Choose high-quality wheat, which has a long growth time, is full of
grains after sufficient sunshine , and contains higher nutritional value!
The noodles use micro-steaming technology and hot-air drying technology to fully retain nutrition and wheat aroma.
It’s not fried, and the taste is strong!

Cartridge design ingenuity hot
pot cartridge capable of high-quality multi-channel air through the bad heating, rapid heating, the average heat, preventing heat vent blowout reserved
thick design – PP5 food grade, high temperature resistance to 120 °, safe to use
easy open – Rough grain design, easy to open the edible
exhaust design -effectively prevent steam scalding,

convenient and fast
, you can cook tomyam self-cooking hot pot in just 12-15 minutes. It’s okay to eat anytime you want. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper can be eaten, and it is very easy to digest. Stay up late and work overtime, then come with a box of hot pot to replenish vitality and be nutritious and healthy. Except for travel, self-heating hot pot is convenient and quick, saving time and effort.



Self-Heating Tom Yam Steamboat 自热懒人东炎面 480g(Mama Vege) Halal

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Weight 480 g