A1 Vegetarian Soup Spices 40g A1素肉骨茶 Halal


Ingredients: Angelica Sinensis, Paurantii, Codonapsis Pilosula, Star Anise, Cigusticum, Cortex CinnamomiRadix Glycyrrhizae, Ligusticum Wallichll.



A1 Vegetarian Soup Spices
Cooking Instruction : 2kg Vegetarian Meat, 2 spoons Bean Sauce, 2 Spoons Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, Salt & MSG, 8 Bowls(1.50L) of Water.
1. Rinse Vegetarian Meat .
2. Pour 8 Bowls of water and 1 pkt of Veagetarian Soup Spices to Boil, Then add the Vegetarian Meat. Use Medium temperature to cook for 30 minutes.
3. Add Pepper and its ready to serve.
4. Simmer a few more minutes for Spicier Flavour.

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Weight 40 g